INVL Baltic Real Estate

INVL Baltic Real Estate seeks to profit on investments in commercial real estate by ensuring the growth of leasing income


Announcement of net asset value of INVL Baltic Real Estate…

The net asset value of INVL Baltic Real Estate, as provided in the Articles of Association section XI ‘Valuation of assets of the company and calculation of the net asset value’, amounted to EUR 23,089,203 or EUR 2.8642 per share on 30 June 2023.


INVL Baltic Real Estate Interim unaudited information for 6…

For 6 months of 2023, the unaudited consolidated net profit of the INVL Baltic Real Estate (hereinafter – “the Company”) group was EUR 0.27 million, revenue was EUR 1.7 million (for 6 months of 2022 consolidated net profit was EUR 1.88 million, revenue was EUR 1.64 million). The unaudited net profit of Company itself amounted to EUR 0.27 million for 6 months of 2023 and EUR 1.88 million for 6 months of 2022.


INVL Baltic Real Estate’s net profit for the first half of…

The real estate investment company INVL Baltic Real Estate had a consolidated net profit of EUR 0.3 million in the first half of this year, 85 percent less than in the same period last year when the net profit was EUR 1.9 million. The fall in profits was due to a sharp rise in interest costs and a significant increase in the value of investment assets recorded in the previous year.